Thursday, 2 April 2009

Day 22 - Thursday 2nd April 2009

Auntie Sarah was not telling fibbers, Mummy! Today was the most exciting day EVER!! 

We went for a very long drive in the car again and when we got out there were lots and lots of new smells and new people and new dogs! 

Just look at me sitting in the back of the car like a very big boy waiting for Auntie Sarah to let us out!

There was a very lovely lady called Cheryl and she had a very pretty little girl with her who was called Georgia. They had their 3 dogs with them: Lizzie is a pretty white and brown exciting runaround dog; Ella is a very hairy grey dog that really likes the water and Henryno..... well he is just fab, Mummy! He is smaller than me and he is white and black and brown and he can barkbarkbark even louder than me! I gave him lots of kisses so that he knew that he was my new bestest friend.

I had a brilliant time! Uncle Bran did lots of running around with the big dogs, but I stayed near to Auntie Sarah and Sophie so that I did not get lost. There were soooooooo many exciting things to sniff and see! There were molehills and feathers and great big birds and little squawky birds and lots of water and little people and big people and little dogs and big dogs and sticks and flowers and and and.......... Auntie Sarah took lots and lots of photos so I will just show them to you so that you can see what a great time I had!

While I was out having lots of fun today, Auntie Sarah noticed that my growed up fur is starting to come through. My puppy fur is still very soft and fluffy and not shiny and light brown, but my growed up fur is harder and shiny and darker brown, like Uncle Bran's. Auntie Sarah said that I look like I'm wearing camouflage at the moment! 

Auntie Sarah's favourite bit of the day was when we got home and me and Uncle Bran fell asleep and stayed like that for a very very long time!

Day 21 - Wednesday 1st April 2009

Mummy! Auntie Sarah has dyed my hair pink!

Hahaha. April Fool!

We all had a very quiet day today because we did not have any busy things to do. All the people stayed in their pyjamas until the afternoon when the big kids got dressed and went to the swimming pool. Me and Uncle Bran got to go in the car with Auntie Sarah when she took the big kids to the swimming pool and then she took us to the park for a walk.

I played with some other doggies today. There were some big dogs like Uncle Bran but one was black and one was yellow. Uncle Bran played "fetch the ball" with the black doggy but the yellow doggy kept running away from his daddy! I am not that naughty. I am a very good boy and stayed by Auntie Sarah. We also played with some doggies who were very very GIGANTIC and very very HAIRY. They looked like this doggy:

One was the same colour as that doggy and one was black. The black doggy made Uncle Bran cry when he grabbed at him so when he came by me, I rolled straight on to my back and he left me alone. But when he walked away with his daddy, me and Uncle Bran did run after him and barkbarkbarkbarked at him! They were scary big dogs but I was a very brave boy.

When we got back to the house, me and Uncle Bran were very tired and so we went to sleep on the sofa. I am such a big boy now that I hardly struggle at all with getting up on the sofa and can almost just jump up like Uncle Bran does. And I am such a big boy that when I want to get off the sofa, I can just step down carefully instead of doing roly-polys all across the floor! Look at me and Uncle Bran on the sofa - he doesn't look very comfy does he?

Auntie Sarah says that we are going to have an exciting day tomorrow but I don't know what is happening!

Day 20 - Tuesday 31st March 2009

I have been a very tired and sleepy boy today after yesterday's exciting things. Yawwwwwwwn.

So I am not going to say any more and am just going to show you photos of me sleeping. One of the photos is me sleeping on the little bed by myself and now I nearly fill it up, Mummy! The other photo is me and Uncle Bran sleeping on the little bed and we share nicely but definitely fill it up!

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Day 19 - Monday 30th March 2009

Yawn! I am a tiredy boy!

We were all up early again this morning and Auntie Sarah went out for a little bit, so Lovely Nina and Sophie looked after me. The big boys were still in bed!

Auntie Sarah then came back and then went out again with the Big Boys.

Auntie Sarah then came back and gave us Big Dogs some treats and then she went out again with Lovely Nina and Sophie.

I had a lovely big sleep in my crate (where do I not do any wee-wees any more!) and when I woke up everybody was home again. Like magic!

I have been a very clever boy today and I have started giving Auntie Sarah my paw when I would like a treat. She is having to give me treats every time that I sit and give her my paw because I am soooooooooooo clever and so I am sitting and giving her my paw all the time  ;o)

She is also very pleased with me because now I run to my crate and sit and wait for her to bring my food in as soon as I see her take the lid off of the special bix where my food lives. And then I sit and waitwaitwait like a very good boy while she slowly puts my bowl full of food in my crate and I do not even sniff it until she tells me to "go on then". How clever is that for a very little boy?  :oD

We went for a very long drive in the car tonight. I am too big for my travelly house now and so Auntie Sarah put my harness on me and strapped me in on the back seat with Kyle. Uncle Bran sat on the floor by Lovely Nina so that he could keep an eye on Auntie Sarah's driving. Just to make sure she was doing it right. 

We drove all the way to the other side of the world (Auntie Sarah note: we went to Frankley services) and then the car stopped and Auntie Sarah put our leads on and there was ANOTHER new person to meet. He was a very lovely man who smelled lovely and his name is Stewart. He is Lovely Nina's man and I love him. Uncle Bran told me that he loves Stewart and Flora loves Stewart lots and lots and lots. Just to show Stewart what a clever boy I am, I walked on my lead next to Uncle Bran to the plants where Auntie Sarah told us that we were allowed to have a wee-wee. Me and Uncle Bran stood right next to each other in the exact same position and did a wee-wee at the exact same time! Aren't we clever boys??

After Stewart and Lovely Nina and Kyle had made big fusses of me (oh and Uncle Bran), me and Uncle Bran were clipped on to leads in the very back of the car where there lots of comfy blankets for us to lie on. It was so comfy that I just snuggled right up to Uncle Bran and went fast asleep.

We drove all the way back to the other side of the world with only Auntie Sarah in the car. Lovely Nina and Kyle and Stewart did not come back to Auntie Sarah's house with us  :o(  When we got home though, Tom was still there! I was very excited to see him.

I do like meeting new people, Mummy, they are very exciting!

Day 18 - Sunday 29th March 2009

We all had a very lazy lie-in this morning and everybody sat in the lounge in their pyjamas. The big boys slept downstairs with us big dogs last night so after we had our wee-wee this morning we got to jump and bounce all over them and give them great big kisses. They liked it lots!

Me and Uncle Bran had a veryvery very noisy fight. Everybody does laugh at me when we fights though and I don't know why. I am a Big Dog and they should not laugh at me!!

When it was lunchtime, I went in my crate for my lunch and my sleep and all the people went out and let us dogs have some peace and quiet.

They came back and were very noisy! They were all talking and laughing and the children were very happy. 

Lovely Nina and Auntie Sarah and Nanny and Sophie went out into the garden to sit at the table because it was lovely and sunshiney so me and Uncle Bran got to run and run around the garden while Auntie Flora did sunbathing in her crate again.

Me and Uncle Bran did do some sunbathing as well. 

Do you think I have grown much since you went on holiday, Mummy? Auntie Sarah says that I am HOOOOOGE and that you will not recognise me. Silly Auntie Sarah! I'm your special little boy so of course you will recognise me! She says that my eyes are starting to change colour now and they are greener. Can you see, Mummy?

Don't tell him because he will think I'm a wuss and not a Big Dog at all, but my favouritest place to sit or sleep is right next to Uncle Bran. I love him lots.

Me and Uncle Bran were very helpful to Auntie Sarah and decided to do a little bit of gardening for her.

Nanny told us off and got up to do the gardening instead, so we sat and watched her.

But all those dangling plants were just too tempting for a naughty little boy!

When we came back into the house, I did beat Uncle Bran up again  ;o)

Day 17 - Saturday 28th March 2009

It is Jacob's burpday today! He is 13 years old. That means he is nearly as big a boy as me, Mummy!

Me and Uncle Bran had cuddles with Lovely Nina while Jacob opened presents.

And then Uncle Bran tried to squish Tom!

Lots and lots and lots of my favourite people came to see me today! They all gave Jacob things called "presents" but I know that they only came to see me.

Grumpy came to see me first of all. He keeps telling Auntie Sarah that she will miss me when I go home and she says that she won't because I'm a burger! And then he tells her that Uncle Bran will miss me when I go home and she says that he's right. Ahhhh.....

Nanny came to see me next of all. She loves me lots.

Auntie Sarah's friend Sarah and a man and the lovely baby and a little boy who sings and laughs lots came to see me next. The little boy (his name is Zack) sat and talked to me and made Sophie play games where they pretended to be me and Uncle Bran and wiggled their bottoms lots!

Granny and Bamp came to see me next. They didn't really talk to me much because Jacob was playing his guitar and I had to stay in my crate because Auntie Sarah was afraid that they wouldn't see me and stand on me by accident. I don't want people to stand on me! I was very happy to stay in my crate.

Jacob and Tom and Kyle went out on the night time. Auntie Sarah was sad because she said that it was the first time that Jacob had gone out on his birthday by himself. But he didn't go out by himself - he went out with Tom and Kyle. She's silly sometimes.

Auntie Sarah and Sophie and lovely Nina watched a film called Marley and Me while the big boys were out. They all cried. I don't know why. It was a film about a very naughty yellow labrador and Auntie Sarah said that if they'd wanted to tell the truth then it should have been chocolate!

Me and Uncle Bran played with my little leopard. 

First of all, he had it 

but then I stole it off of him. Because I am a Big Dog  :o)

Day 16 - Friday 27th March 2009

It was a VERY exciting day today!

First of all, Auntie Sarah went out saying that she had to go to see the doctor. I don't think she did though.

And then Nanny came and picked up Jacob and Sophie.

And then, after a bit, Auntie Sarah and Jacob and Sophie and Nanny came back with NEW PEOPLE! There were 2 big boys called Tom and Kyle and a very lovely short old lady called Nina who smelled lovely. As expected they all called me "cute" and gave me lots of cuddles.

Tom and me having cuddles

Something veryveryvery exciting happened then! Auntie Sarah put my lead on me and she put Uncle Bran's lead on him. And then...............................we went out!! I walked with my feet on the floor! The lovely lady called Nina held my lead and I was a very good boy. I did not pull her and I walked very very nicely. We went to the park where Uncle Bran goes for his walks and there was no other dogs or people there. I tried to run around with Uncle Bran but my lead wouldn't let me go very far so Auntie Sarah decided to let me off of my lead because I am so good at coming back when she calls me. I had a lovely time, Mummy!! I sniffed lots of exciting smells and every time that Auntie Sarah called me I ran as fast as I could and sat by her feet so that she would give me a treat. The lovely Nina lady taught me how to play a very exciting game called "fetch". She found a little Orca sized stick and threw it a little way away from me and I ran and picked it up and brought it back to her. Each time she threw it a bit further away from me and each time I brought it back to her. It was brill!!

Me and the lovely Nina lady

Me on my lead

When we got home I was a very tired puppy boy and fell asleep on the rug and then under the raised feeder.

When Auntie Sarah took pictures of me sleeping, Uncle Bran tried to help her!